Firenze, 10-11 July 2023

Behavioural Ecological Economics

This workshop focuses on the applications of behavioural and experimental economics to ecological economics and represents one of the first attempts to merge these fields. Ecological economics embraces a trans-disciplinary approach that studies economic processes as embedded in broader social and ecological systems. This integrated approach attempts to look at the embeddedness of humans in their ecological life-support system, not as being separate from the environment. Prosocial motivations can represent an important factor leading to actual behaviour that is pro-environmental. Therefore, studying which behavioural tools are most effective in triggering prosocial motivations can be extremely useful in designing pro-environmental policies, and help raise awareness of topics related to sustainability and ecological economics. The workshop is designed to help foster new collaborations in this emerging field of research.

WHEN: July 2023, Monday 10 and Tuesday 11
WHERE: Department of Economics and Management, University of Florence (Italy)

Stefan Drews (University of Malaga)
… Other to be confirmed

Both theoretical and empirical contributions are welcome. Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • smart and sustainable cities
  • games for sustainability
  • boosting and/or nudging pro-environmental behaviors
  • individual and collective ethics
  • experimental economics
  • climate change and cognitive bias
  • ecological rationality and cooperative behaviors
  • environmental preferences
  • local energy communities
  • local sustainable mobility
  • local energy, food, and water nexus
  • green policies for behavioral change
  • degrowth/post-growth practices
  • alternative indicators of wellbeing

The workshop will take place in person. Attendance is free and is primarily targeted at postdoctoral and research students. Participants will be kindly requested to stay for the entire duration of the workshop and their number will be limited to about 30 persons to enhance debate and interaction. Meals, snacks, and drinks will be provided free of charge during the workshop. Any other expenses will be borne by participants, who are also responsible for their travel and accommodation arrangements.

The workshop is linked with the summer school “Leveraging Ecological Economics to Advance the Sustainability Transition” which will be held at the University of Pisa in the days immediately after. Hence, we expect students of the summer school to attend the workshop.



  • Day 1 – Mon 10th, July: morning (9.00-13.00) + afternoon (14.30-18.30);
  • Day 2 – Tue 11th, July: morning (9.00-13.00).

Important dates:

submission by 16th April, 2023

acceptance by 16th May, 2023

registration by 15th June, 2023


Possible accommodation in Florence
Student Hotel: which is on the medical and engineering campus:

Hilton Hotel:

Possible accommodation in Pisa
Le Benedettine Residence
This accomodation might be a convenient option for those also participating in the summer school. To commute from Pisa to the workshope venue takse about 90 minute


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