Workshop-Summer-Hiking 2023 (English version)

Successful Completion of three integrated events organized by “Ecological Economics in Tuscany” in cooperation with Virginia Tech (US), MIT (US), the University of Florence, and the University of Pisa

Three engaging events brought together scholars and students from around the world both to lay the foundation for the field of Behavioural Ecological Economics, and to introduce students to Ecological Economics through a summer school and a field experience in the Apuan Alps.

  1. Workshop on Behavioural Ecological Economics

The Workshop on Behavioural Ecological Economics, held on July 10 and 11, 2023, at the Department of Economics and Management, University of Florence, represented a pioneering endeavor in merging the fields of behavioural and experimental economics with ecological economics. Participants had the opportunity to delve into the transdisciplinary approach of ecological economics, studying economic processes embedded within broader social and ecological systems. The workshop facilitated the formation of new collaborations, further advancing research in this emerging field.

  1. Summer School: Leveraging Ecological Economics to Advance the Sustainability Transition

The Summer School on Leveraging Ecological Economics to Advance the Sustainability Transition, took place from July 11 to 15, 2023, at the University of Pisa, gathering 63 Masters, Ph.D., and post-doctoral participants from over 20 countries. The program covered essential topics, including the foundational insights of Georgescu-Roegen and KW Kapp on Ecological Economics, how these relate to Sustainable Development, Complexity and System Thinking, Ecological Macroeconomics, and more.

Renowned experts delivered insightful lectures and engaged participants in dynamic discussions. Notable speakers from the University of Pisa included Elisa Giuliani, Professor and University Vice Rector for Sustainability and the 2030 Agenda and director of REMARC, Elettra Stradella, Associate Professor of Comparative Public Law, and Gabriella Iermano, Associate Professor of Business and Company Law. The international faculty included Professor Nicholas A. Ashford from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA), Professor Ralph Hall from Virginia Tech (VT, USA), Professors Mario Biggeri, Leonardo Boncinelli, and Tiziano Distefano from the University of Florence, and Professor Tommaso Luzzati from the University of Pisa who directed the Programme.

  1. Hiking Ecological Economics Summer School 2023

Following the Summer School in Pisa, participants embarked on a Hiking Ecological Economics Summer School, held from July 16 to 19, 2023. The three-day experience included the presentation of research by participants and in-depth discussions. Attendees stayed at the scenic Rifugio Orto di Donna, experiencing both immersive learning and nature’s splendor.

During the mountaineering, students learned the value of disconnecting from modern day distractions and centering on being present, connected with their surroundings, and reconnecting with their intrinsic motivation for transformation.

Both summer schools provided an enriching platform for individuals with a background in ecological economics to explore innovative approaches and integrative strategies for achieving a sustainability transition.

We extend our gratitude to the Istituto di Ricerca sul Territorio e l’Ambiente – “Leonardo” (IRTA) – and the European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE) for their support in making these events possible. We also express appreciation to all the speakers, faculty members, participants, and organizers for their dedication in enriching the emerging field of Behavioural Ecological Economics.

This unique series of events builds on the inaugural ESEE 2022 summer schools and marks a significant milestone in the advancement of behavioural ecological economics in shaping a sustainable future for our planet.

Faculty are now developing the agenda for the 2024 ESEE summer schools and plan to release more information about these events this fall.

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