Hiking Ecological Economics Summer School 2024

From Sunday 14 to Wednesday 17 July 2024, after the Summer school in Pisa, we will have 3 days of hiking and interactive classes (including presentation of research by participants, and discussions).

The hiking will include Antro del Corchia (Levigliani), Corchia, Pania della Croce.

Accomodation: three nights in Rigugio Del Freo (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday).  The exact cost has to be defined. A reasonable estimate is 250€.   Accommodation, meals (from Sunday dinner to Wednesday breakfast) will be about 180€, while transport depends on the number of participants.

Participation is open to all interested persons with a background in ecological economics. However, acceptance priority will be given to participants in the Summer School (included previous editions). Registered participants will find the schedule at this link.

HERE is the hiking list with what you need in your backpack


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