Call for two Post-Doc positions – DEADLINE 17/01/2024 13:00 CET – Well-being In a Dematerialized Economy

Application Deadline

17 Jan 2024 – 13:00 (Europe/Rome)

Type of Contract: Temporary
Job Status: Full-time
Hours Per Week: 36
Expected Starting Date: 1 Mar 2024

Offer Description

Keywords: planned obsolescence, idiosyncratic sectoral shocks, working time reduction, waste, social capital, well-being, integrated assessment models

Under the initiative “Well-being In a Dematerialized Economy (WIDE),” supported by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (PRIN PNRR), the Dipartimento di Economia e Management is actively seeking to appoint 2 skilled postdoctoral researchers in the field of Economics. The positions will span 12 months (with potential for extension) and are projected to start in March 2023. The remuneration for these roles is an annual gross salary of approximately 30,000 Euros, which roughly corresponds to a net monthly remittance of 1,800 Euros. To assess this compensation, consider that the cost of living in the Tuscany region is not particularly high. For instance, the average monthly rent for a single room in a shared flat is approximately 350 Euros, a coffee is 1.20, you can eat at the university restaurant for about 6€, and in a restaurant a full lunch is 13 €.


The core of the research unit revolves around enhancing the longevity of products, with a focus on strategies to combat planned obsolescence. The project seeks to identify and address the obstacles hindering the transition toward more durable products, both from the standpoint of producers and consumers. Furthermore, the project aims to explore the conditions under which the resultant gains in material efficiency can not only lead to reduced waste generation but also contribute to reductions in working hours without corresponding decreases in compensation. Are the advancements in material efficiency that come from prolonged product lifecycles distinct from the previous developments that failed to deliver the reduction in working hours that Keynes predicted almost a century ago?

Two postdoctoral researchers are expected to work in a team with other scholars to contextualize the extension of product lifecycles within a multisectoral model, wherein a positive productivity shock affects a single sector, as outlined in the work of Luzzati et al. (2022). One researcher will concentrate on theoretical and empirical aspects (this announcement), while the other one will focus on integrating this within an Integrated Assessment Model.

Consequently, candidates with a background in Industrial Organization, Labour Markets, theoretical model formulation, Input-Output, and IAMs implementation are encouraged to apply.

Applicants should be close to finish their PhD, or already hold one, in Economics or related disciplines.

Language: ENGLISH, Excellent

Work Location

University of Pisa, Dipartimento di Economia e Management, via Ridolfi 10, 56124 Pisa – ITALY

Where to apply

Position A:
Well-being In a Dematerialized Economy (WIDE) Theoretical and Empirical Aspects of Prolonging Products’ Lifespan


Position B:
Well-being In a Dematerialized Economy (WIDE): Integrated Assessment Modelling



Position A:
Position B:

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